Question. What does Option Spread Strategies do?

Answer. OptionSpreadStrategies is a top-line newsletter offering option trade recommendations. We invest in one options trade per month, usually an option spread in the targeted stock. We earn a solid monthly income from our proven options strategy.

Q. How do you make 10% per month?

A. By analyzing broad market technical indicators, option volatility, and stock fundamentals, we come up with the ideal equity option spread to buy or sell. We strive for 10% returns per month, or more. A majority of the time the trade is selling a call spread or put spread. Expert option trading strategies: Our expertise allows us to identify the one stock we believe to be the safest and most profitable investment for that particular month.

Q. What are the advantages of selling option spreads?

A. Selling an option spread limits risk to a defined amount. Selling option spreads, as opposed to buying option spreads, gives us two ways to profit: 1) The stock can either move in our favor, and we profit, or 2) the stock can remain stagnant, the option will decay and expire worthless, and we profit. The stock can even move against us, slowly, and our option spread will still, with all probabilty, expire worthless. Mathematically, our option spreads have a 10-30 delta, or 70%-90% chance of reaching our full profit goal. Over time we’ve been extremely successful at reaching our profit goals.

Q. What are the risks?

A. As with all options trades, loss of capital is a risk. Our trades usually take four or five weeks to conclude, therefore, our risks are minimized by time. DISCLAIMER: There is substantial risk of loss in trading futures and options. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Any decision to purchase or sell as a result of the opinions expressed in this website’s monthly newsletter report will be the full responsibility of the person authorizing such transaction.

Q. When is the best options trading newsletter?

A. That would be us! Option Spread Strategies. Our options trading success is unmatched, and we have a strong following of satisfied subscribers.

Q. When does your newsletter release the recommended Trade of the Month?

A. The recommended trade is released on the third-Friday of every month.

Q. Why only one trade per month?

A. Most strategies focus on making profitable trades. Our strategy’s focus is on preventing losses. We are most concerned with mitigating risk. One trade per month is the most effective way to control risk.

Q. How much does your service cost?

A. Cost is a reasonable $99 for the monthly subscription, or $999 for a one-year membership. (1-yr membership is a savings of $200…) Supreme confidence in our investment strategy allows us to offer a money-back guarantee for the first month. First month is profitable or your first month is refunded. Premium option picks — Advanced option strategies.

Q. May I receive a refund?

A. Unfortunately we do not offer refunds. However, if your first trade is not profitable, we will return your first month’s payment in full. Why such an excellent offer? Because of our strong history of success – most of our trades are indeed profitable! We are have the utmost confidence in our option strategies. Subscribers may cancel their membership at anytime.

Q. What do I receive when I sign up?

A. You will receive our email of the month, as well as a Welcome email. The recommended trade, and a highly detailed report explaining why this trade will be profitable, will be sent to your inbox. We are not in the hand-holding business. We are a low-maintenance operation. Invest in our recommendations, you will likely profit. All of our members are very satisfied with our performance. If you need further advice please consult a stockbroker or financial adviser.

Q. What is the minimum investment?

A. This is your discretion. Some of our subscribers invest $10,000; some $100,000, some just enjoy reading our newsletter for market opinions. If you do invest in our newsletter recommendations, please invest responsibly.

Q. My account will not allow me to sell a call spread or a put spread. What can I do?

A. Contact your broker/brokerage and let them know that you want to be authorized to sell option spreads. You will need to fill out a speculation form, and return it to your brokerage.

Q. What are the best options strategies?

A. This easy question has a complex answer. Please sign up for our service and we can help you trade options using the smartest strategies.

Q. What is the best options trading advisory service?

A. That would be us! Option Spread Strategies. Our options picks have proven to be very successful, and we have a strong following of satisfied subscribers. We hope you consider signing up for our profitable option alerts.

“Your skills are much appreciated. The detailed reports and data supporting your trades are indicative of skillfull research. I tend to trade options much more aggressively, and it is refreshing to make a nice monthly income without overwhelming risk…”
~ Thomas, Atlanta, GA

“Cheers to the guys at Option Spread Strategies. I have made a very nice profit for seven straight months so far. I enjoy the slow & steady profit approach, Thnx.”
~ Harold, Rochester, NY

“My husband and I have been following your advice and we are more than satisfied with our results. Not really sure how a ‘call spread’ works, but I tell my broker to make the trade, and we have profited every month. Thank you!”
~ Cindy T, Scottsdale, AZ

Guarantee: 1st month will be profitable or receive full first month refund.
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