About OSS

This newsletter specializes in making one profitable trade per month. As a long time market maker on the CBOE & PCX, I research, analyze, and discuss trading strategies on a weekly basis with others in the options industry. This newsletter intends to come up with the optimal strategy each and every month. I do not try for ‘home run’ investments; the desire is a solid & steady income delivered every month, with as little risk as possible. The core belief is that there is always at least one glaring best investment choice for the month. Precise trade decisions is something this newsletter excels at.

While most investment vehicles strive for 10% returns per year, the goal here is 10% to 15% per month. This system has been put to the test since 2008 with great success. I am confident in the abilities to provide a steady income derived from making one well-researched option trade per month. Through the website, the recommended option trades are now emailed to members on a monthly basis. I hope you decide to partake in these highly profitable trading ideas.