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Options trading for consistent returns is our primary focus. Preserving capital is also a primary objective. Our strategy is ideal for declining markets, and rising markets have also been very profitable. Keeping funds tied up in long-term stagnant positions is a situation we avoid.  Our goal is to outperform all averages.  Profits are not re-invested – our goal is monthly income, not yearly returns. Our monthly trades have a target of double-digit returns each & every month. We’ve shown a very high success rate at accomplishing this goal. Trades may go against us. It does not happen often, but it does happen. We are not shy about pulling the cord and exiting positions quickly. Holding on to winning trades, closing out losing trades, this is a wise strategy. This is the most successful strategy. There’s always a new opportunity, and we excel at finding the best equity option spread situations. Over the years we’ve become very adept at implementing the best options trading system. Become a member and receive our current trade of the month, as well as our upcoming Trade of the Month.  A perfect year for 2015. All twelve monthly trade ideas were profitable, no losses.  Fantastic year!!  We are the #1 options newsletter. Our subscribers finished the year up an amazing +159%.  Come join us for 2016.

Option Spread Strategies is small band of professional option traders & retired options traders. On a regular basis we research, discuss, speculate, and predict stock and options movement. Our stock option trading knowledge & expertise is unsurpassed. I do believe we are…the ‘smartest guys in the room’.  Steadfast double-digit monthly returns with minimal risk is what we strive for. This is not easy. There are swings. Not all trade ideas will be profitable. Options, by nature, are volatile. However, we’ve shown a strong penchant for profiting on a consistent basis. We know when to jump in. We know when to get out. We are the best options advisory newsletter. Years & years of experience is what allows us to make confident decisions. Collectively, our research provides us with the best opportunity to profit via shrewd option spread investing on a monthly basis. We hope you decide to join our newsletter.

Our service releases one stock options investment ideas per month. Frequently, the optimal strategy is trading equity option credit spreads. We maintain the best options strategies while striving to control risk and mitigate volatility. Thorough research and investment analysis has accounted for superior returns since our inception. Our strategies are time tested. Our strategies have shown documented success year over year. Our knowledge of the options industry is second to none. We believe our small team is the best in the business. Each year we take pride in outperforming stock market indices. Please consider subscribing to our profitable option trading newsletter.

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